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NCBOA New Referee Training Information: 2017-18 Season

The NCBOA is a San Francisco based group of basketball officials servicing high schools, adult recreation leagues and middle schools in San Francisco and down the Peninsula.  We are actively seeking new and experienced officials to join our association.

For the 2017-18 season we have one remaining training session beginning the last week of August.  The session will consist of six days of training which will include: learning the rules, signals and basic mechanics of 2-person officiating.  It will also include supervised floor work during which NCBOA trainers (high school playoff and college officials) will observe and work with you as you officiate games.  At the conclusion of the session, there will be a floor demonstration, which is essentially a tryout in front of NCBOA board members for the right to be offered the opportunity to join the NCBOA, and to be rated for the 2017-18 season.  The cost of the training is $75 if you apply by August 15th and $90 if you apply afterward, $20 of which will be applied to dues should you be offered, and accept, membership in the NCBOA.

NCBOA Fall Training at Balboa High School

Dates TBA - one night per week for 6 weeks beginning in August and continuing through mid-October.

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If you are interested in the NCBOA, but would like more information prior to applying, please enter your name, e-mail and your question (if applicable) and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

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