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News and Updates

Another Season on the Horizon

Another middle and high school hoops season is fast approaching.  Here's a message from our President, Dino Skoufis, with some important information as we prepare to hit the hardwood: 

Basketball season is almost here and games are being scheduled. Please make sure your Arbiter availability is accurate and you respond to the games you are offered by the deadline.  Take and pass the test before the deadline (Nov. 1 at 11:59pm).  Attend all meetings so you are not fined on the new escalating scale. Maximum fine amount can be close to $400 if you do not attend the meetings.  All members, please check the Calendar page for all upcoming meeting dates, times, and locations.  If you plan to not referee this season or you’re not ready to accept any games at this point, please un-check the ready box in your profile and you will not be offered any games. This saves you and the assignors from wasting time.

NCBOA Three Person Camp Wraps Up

The NCBOA's annual Three Person Camp took place at CCSF this past summer with 11 members taking part.  The campers officiated contests in the CCSF Girls Summer League where they were provided instruction and feedback from some veteran NCBOA members.  Each attendee was also provided a video of their games.  A big thanks to Tiffany Fong for heading the classroom portion of the camp and to Mike Wong for supervising the video and on court portion as well as overall coordination of the camp.  I'm sure the campers learned a great deal as they work to improve their skills and progress in their officiating careers!

Payment Plan for Members

The NCBOA Executive Committee would like to remind all members of the current method of payment for all games assigned through the Arbiter.  All officials receiving these games will be paid via Ref Pay.  Check this link for a tutorial detailing how to sign up and manage your Ref Pay account.  Games not assigned via the Arbiter will be paid as in the past.  

NCBOA Member of CBOA

The NCBOA is a member of the California Basketball Officials Association (CBOA).  This partnership allows our association to gain access to enhanced training materials and discounts on insurance and other officiating related items.  Check the link below for access to the CBOA website.


CIF High School Officials Uniform Requirement

NCBOA members who officiate at the high school level, please take note of the following.  The state rules interpreter, the State CIF, and our local CIF sections have asked us to remind officials that the official and only acceptable officiating shirt to be worn during any NFHS contest is the 'high school' black and white striped shirt.  The 'college' style shirt with the larger 3 inch black panel along the seams and underarm is NOT approved for NFHS contests and may not be warn.  Please ensure that you comply with this requirement when officiating any NCBOA assigned high school game.


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