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Welcome to the "Official" Website of the NCBOA

Current members who have not yet registered, please select the Web Site Registration Page to enter your contact information and submit the registration form to create an account. Allow up to 48 hours to verify and activate your account. You will then be able to log-in by entering your email address and password at the top of the page to access members only sections.

NOTE : We are NOT accepting web site registration submission from non-NCBOA members. If you are not an NCBOA member and wish to find out about joining our association, please see our Membership Page for further information.

If you have any questions, please contact John Zlatunich.

News and Updates

Year-End Banquet and Election Meeting on the Horizon

The annual year-end NCBOA Banquet is set for April 10 at the Westlake Community Center. An email Evite will be sent out shortly.  In conjunction with the celebration is our Election meeting.  The following offices are up for grabs: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three Executive Committee positions. Any Active member is able to throw their hat in the ring. Filling these positions with competent, dedicated people is vital to continuing the strength of the NCBOA. Those interested in having their name on the ballot should email Mike Wong no later than April 3rd. Enjoy the final couple weeks of high school hoops and we'll see you all for some food and fun on April 10!

A Vote of Confidence for Officials

For most of us officials, we're glad not to be noticed or the talking point in the press.  If we are, it's usually for an apparent "bad call" or game changing rule interpretation.  Once in a while, however, a reporter will take notice of the value we have to the game and the hard work we do to ensure the athletes, coaches, and spectators are able to enjoy playing, instructing, and cheering.  Check this link for such an article written recently by a local high school student--very enlightening and paints a true picture of what we do....and gives props to some of our own members.  It would be nice for all who participate in and enjoy sports to read.  Enjoy!

NCBOA Jackets

In an effort to streamline the process for officials to purchase or replace their NCBOA jackets as well as to provide our members with a quality jacket at a competitive price, we will be transitioning the official NCBOA jacket to the CBOA jacket available from purchase from "Purchase Officials". The jacket itself is very similar to the jacket that we have today, but it now features the CBOA logo along with "San Francisco Peninsula" stitched below the logo highlighting our specific group. As the need arises for you to purchase a new jacket, please use the link below and order jackets directly through this company. The jackets currently cost $59 and shipping is often times free through Purchase Officials on orders over $25. When you purchase this jacket, please be sure to select "San Francisco Peninsula" from the Association drop down box on the website. If you don't select this, your jacket will not include the stitching below the logo that signifies you are a member of our group.

Link to Purchase NCBOA Jacket

Payment Plan for Members

The NCBOA Executive Committee would like to remind all members of the current method of payment for all games assigned through the Arbiter. All officials receiving these games will be paid via Ref Pay. Check this link for a tutorialdetailing how to sign up and manage your Ref Pay account. Games not assigned via the Arbiter will be paid as in the past. 

NCBOA Member of CBOA

The NCBOA is a member of the California Basketball Officials Association (CBOA). This partnership allows our association to gain access to enhanced training materials and discounts on insurance and other officiating related items. Check the link below for access to the CBOA website.

CIF High School Officials Uniform Requirement

NCBOA members who officiate at the high school level, please take note of the following. The state rules interpreter, the State CIF, and our local CIF sections have asked us to remind officials that the official and only acceptable officiating shirt to be worn during any NFHS contest is the 'high school' black and white striped shirt. The 'college' style shirt with the larger 3 inch black panel along the seams and underarm is NOT approved for NFHS contests and may not be warn. Please ensure that you comply with this requirement when officiating any NCBOA assigned high school game.

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